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Schönox EF 3786 - fixed repair putty


Dust-reducing, fine, quick-hardening, stand-resistant repair putty Used for cracks and troughs on most floor surfaces before finely grinding and installing floor coverings Technical data Range: approx. 1.6 kg / m² mm Layer thickness: 0-20 mm Coating clear: After approx. 2 hours Shelf life: 6 months

Model: 378625
Weight: 25
Availability: In stock

Dust-reducing, fine, quick-hardening, solid repair filler
Used for cracks and taps on most floor surfaces prior to fine grinding and mounting of flooring.

Content per sack: 25 kg.

Technical data

Coverage: ca. 1.6 kg / m² mm
Film thickness: 0-20 mm
Ready for covering: After approx. 2 hours
Durability: 6 months