The Marmoleum Vivace collection has a pattern of strong, colorful contrasts created by a mix of eight different shades while having a dominant main color. The result is a colorful and lively design that fits all places. Vivace is available in 12 colors, ranging from multi-faceted neutral colors to the more bold colors.

Model: 3416
Model: 3403
Model: 3420
Model: 3405
Model: 3407
Model: 3424
Model: 3422
Model: 3425
Model: 3411
Model: 3413
Model: 3421
Durable & durable floor

97% natural ingredients
72% fast renewed materials
43% recycled materials

Highest performance created by nature
The natural and renewable raw materials make Marmoleum the most durable elastic floor in the market. It is PVC-free and contains no plasticizers or mineral oils.

The most important ingredients in Marmoleum are:
● linseed oil coming from the seedling seed
● wood flour from controlled forests
● jute, the natural carrier tissue that forms the back of linoleum

Marmoleum has the important global environmental certificates such as the Swan and Blue Angel.