Sigmatex 1 RF Reflective ceiling paint

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Uniform and reflex-free ceiling paint in Sigmatex quality.

  • Completely uniform and non-reflective surface
  • Specially developed for ceilings with critical light input
  • Good distribution and working properties
  • Widely applicable on many substrates
Model: 327050
Weight: 15

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The new Sigmatex 1 RF Loft is specially developed ceiling paint and the newest member of our premium wall and ceiling paint series - Sigmatex. With a view to special requirements in modern buildings regarding light incidence, Sigmatex 1 RF Loft has been developed with a completely uniform and reflex-free surface, which is extremely durable and easy to work with. Sigmatex 1 RF Loft is perfect for ceiling and a natural choice for quality-conscious projects.

Sizes: 10 liters.

Colors: White


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