Primo Rubber staircase front edge 29x46 mm.


Rubber staircase front edge 29x46 mm

Model: TK41
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Soft stairways minimize wear on the stairway edge and therefore extend both stairs and carpet life. In addition, the soft stairways provide increased slip resistance. The model shown is 2.5 mm. linoleum - if you want delivered to 3.2 mm. coating is also possible, but here is the list only in black!

The plastic material used is extremely robust and impervious to moisture and requires only a minimum of maintenance to stay neat for years.

The stairs leading edge can be stitched, glued, slid, clamped or screwed. Profiles can also be fitted with an alcohol-based silicone or mounting glue.
Attaches every 30-50 cm depending on the substrate. Flakes not when assembled.

Available in lengths of 3125 mm

The price is per. length of 312.5 cm.