Altitude MO.RE Laminate floor, Oak Renaissance, Plank

37.41 per 1m2
€72.57 per pack
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€4.03 per 1m2
€7.81 per pack
Model: 1157559
Weight: 19,8 kg
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Altitude MO.RE is a water-resistant laminate floor, where the core material has been specially developed to be more resistant to water/moisture. MO.RE stands for MOisture RESistance. The planks are 2 meters long, and the beautiful and natural decorations give an authentic look. Altitude MO.RE is stable and durable and can withstand most things. Mounts easily and quickly with the 1clic2go PURE click system.

Please note that due to the thickness of 12 mm, the floor can be advantageously mounted directly on top of heat distribution plates. The pressure relief plate can be stored away.

Format: 12 x 242 x 2000 mm
Content per package: 1.94 m²
Fas: Yes, on all 4 sides
Assembly: 1clic2go PURE
Class: 33 / AC5
Warranty: Housing 30 years
Variant no. 5948

Installation instructions
Underfloor heating and maintenance