In this category you will find all colors in the Altro Classic ™ 25 / X25 series.

Classic name, classic by nature. If you are looking for the original security floor , then you have found it here. Altro Classic 25 was the first safety floor ever. It has now been testing for more than 60 years, and its traditional, industrial appearance is still popular today.

Altro Classic 25 provides durable slip resistance, durability and durability, which makes it ideal to use in areas where heavy traffic occurs - especially where, for example, wagons or beds with wheels are driven. It is also good to use in areas where there is occasional humidity and dust, which can increase the risk of slipping, the floor has a Pendult test (PTV) rating of ≥45 and an R11 slip rating.

Available in practical shades that camouflage dirt and has been expanded with new colors that offer even more choices. Altro Classic 25 contains the original technology Altro Easyclean, which facilitates cleaning and maintenance .