Marmoleum Concrete differs from our classic linoleum floors with its discrete structure, which gives a concrete-like surface. The color palette is neutral with warm and cold tones in modern concrete patterns. In addition, we have added six strong colors that allow you to create contrasts and markings on the floor. The colorful tones are specifically designed to be combined with the neutral concrete patterns. Here are tones that "glitter" through the surface. With the matching patterns, you can create amazing floors.

Model: 3742
Model: 3705
Model: 3731
Model: 3732
Model: 3734
Model: 3739
Model: 3701
Model: 3729
Model: 3730
Model: 3735
Model: 3740
Model: 3711
Model: 3728
Model: 3568
Model: 3737
Model: 3743
Model: 3707
Model: 3733
Model: 3724
Model: 3702
Model: 3726
Durable & durable floor

97% natural ingredients
72% fast renewed materials
43% recycled materials

Highest performance created by nature
The natural and renewable raw materials make Marmoleum the most durable elastic floor in the market. It is PVC-free and contains no plasticizers or mineral oils.

The most important ingredients in Marmoleum are:
● linseed oil coming from the seedling seed
● wood flour from controlled forests
● jute, the natural carrier tissue that forms the back of linoleum

Marmoleum has the important global environmental certificates such as the Swan and Blue Angel.