LVT vinyl click - SPC, P1002 Aspen Oak

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Model: P1002
Weight: 16,92 kg
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The newly developed mineral-based and formaldehyde-free intermediate layer on which the floor is built is considered the new generation of dimensionally stable flooring. The floor is constructed of finely ground chalk and has an integrated substrate.

Structure: Wood - Plank
Plank dimension:
6 x 200 x 1500 mm.
Content per package: 1.80 m²
Wear layer:
0.50 mm.
Underlay: Yes, integrated into the plank
Installation: G5 click - mounted floating
Usage class: 23/33
Warranty: 25 years
Suitable for underfloor heating: Yes
Underlay: Yes, integrated into the plank

Extra info:
Exclusive design and durable.
Easy to install with click system and without the use of heavy tools.
Not affected by moisture and can be installed in unheated rooms, such as conservatories and the like.
Can be advantageously placed in rooms where there is a lot of sunlight.
The floor can be laid on all kinds of surfaces - even on felts with joints.
The very stable and waterproof floor does not need to lie down and acclimatize.
Soft and warm to walk on.
Reduces the sound of footsteps on the floor.

SPC_Installation guide .