HandyHeat Parquet heating, electric floor heating

€49.48 per m2

Remember to order the number of m2 you need, per room.

Weight: 3 kg
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Underfloor heating under wooden floors, parquet, laminate and the like.

HandyHeat Parquet heating:
The flexible and effective solution for a warm wooden floor. Parquet heating is suitable for installation directly under wood or laminate floors. With a thickness of only half a millimeter, the foil has a construction height of no practical importance. Together with Parquetvarme, a 5 mm is used. underlying insulation board. We recommend HandyHeat PV substrate.
The underlay plate replaces the standard floor underlay. Combined, this gives a construction height of 5.5 mm. This makes the underfloor heating system suitable both for new construction and for renovations where the building height is of vital importance.
The flexible lengths make the system suitable for laying directly on insulation between joists and beams. Order the number of square meters to be used (room size).
Send the measurements of the room and we will make sure you get a floor that is ready to install. A 10-year warranty is provided.

Operating voltage: 230 V
Thickness: 0.5 mm.


Made to measure in elements adapted to all room sizes.
Wood and laminate floors have become very popular, but in the winter months they can be cold and uncomfortable.

With ParketVarme you can get a warm floor that always ensures the best floor comfort.
ParketVarme is a heating film, only 0.5 mm thick, based on a plastic film with a semiconducting carbon material, sealed with a strong plastic foil.