Professional Medium putty

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Professional Medium putty

Model: 5209187
Weight: 15 kg
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Product description

Professional Medium putty is a high-filling all-round putty compound for puttingtying wallpaper joints, plaster, concrete, plasterboard and similar building board materials indoors. Suitable for plastering plasterboard joints with the insertion of a joint strip.

The substrate must be clean, dry, firm and infection-free. Professional Medium putty /LS104 is intended for hand puttying. Use eye protection when grinding. Do not apply when the surface temperature is below 5 ºC.

  • Packaging: 10L
  • Number of applications/treatments: 1
  • Drying time (hours): 4
  • Overcoat dry after (hours): 1
  • Clean tools with: Water
  • Tool: Spatula