Tinova Premium Exterior +

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Weight: 15
  • 10 liters

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Tinova Premium Exterior + has high penetration and adhesion to the substrate, and ensures the surface long durability with extremely high color, gloss and weather resistance.

Gloss: Half-gloss
Degree: 20
Consumption: ≈ 6 m² / L
Number of applications / treatments: 2
Drying time: 1 hour
Paint Replacement Dryer: 4
Cleaning: Water



The substrate must be dry (max. 16% moisture), clean, dry, firm and sustainable, and be free from fouling. New wood is founded with Tinova Wood Base Oil. For best results, all surfaces are primed with Tinova Primer Exterior +. Finish 2 times with Tinova Premium Exterior +. Substrates can, after priming with Tinova Wood Base Oil, be mixed with Tinova Primer Exterior + for better pore filling, as well as a better surface finish of the finishing treatment. Stir well before and during use. Do not paint in direct sunlight, below 5 ° C or at high relative humidity (over 80%).