Troldtekt wooden concrete Agro stable slab

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Model: 4530-5015401
Weight: 15,3 kg
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Dimension: 25x600x2400 mm.

Colour: Natural

Structure: Fine 1.5 mm.

Troldtekt agro is the stable board of the Troldtekt series, which has been specially developed to meet the requirements for diffuse ventilation in stables. With diffuse ventilation, fresh air is blown down through the entire ceiling surface, which provides comfortable ventilation without any draft nuisance.

Troldtekt agro, like the other boards in the Troldtekt series, is made of wood wool and cement, which gives a very robust and durable board. Troldtekt absorbs and releases moisture and can therefore withstand changing humidity in stable environments.

Troldtekt agro is only produced in light nature in a fine structure, and due to the nature of the material, color variations will occur.