BOEN Stonewash Oak, Alamo, Plank

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Floor type : Oak plank floor
Treatment: Live Natural Oil - The ultimate oil. Two layers of natural oil are massaged, brushed and pressed into the woodwork
with a completely new application technique called «Air-Plus Process». The wood's pores are saturated, the wear resistance is improved and
the degree of gloss becomes more even. This also makes the floor easier to maintain.
Advantages of Live Natural Oil: Ready to use - parquet floors can be used immediately after installation.
Particularly good protection against liquids - better than competing products - Completely natural ingredients
- no harmful emissions - Improved UV stability. We also recommend BOEN's maintenance program
BOEN Floor Soap (cleaning), BOEN Oil Freshen Up (conditioning) and BOEN Natural Oil.
Dimensions: 14 x 209 x 2200 mm
Wear layer: 3.5 mm
Assembly: Boen X-Press G5-loc glue-free click system
Underfloor heating: Suitable
Package size: 2.76 m2
Warranty: 25 years

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