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Bona Craft Oil K2

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Bona Craft Oil 2K is a composition made from modified growth-based oils, which gives a fast drying time and protects against wear. Is perfect for different types of wood, as well as problematic types of wood such as jatoba, cherry, walnut etc. With Bona Craft Oil K2, you get a water-resistant wooden floor.

Contains: 1.25 litres
Color: 9 basic colors
Range: Approx. 30 m2 per liters - depending on the type of wood
Drying time: Between applications 15-30 min (20C) - Light use: 8 hours (neutral) - 12 hours (colour)
Use: Safe, both for toys and tabletops - reduces yellowing effect
Quick and easy to apply and almost airless.

More info - download pdf:
Bona Craft Oil 2K.pdf