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Bona mix & fill

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Bona Mix&Fill is a water-based floor putty product which, mixed with sanding dust, gets the right shade of colour. Bona Mix&Fill is used for filling parquet and plank floors with joints up to 2-3 mm. The product can be used together with all Bona's varnish and oil systems.

Contains: 1 and 5 litres
Drying time: Approx. 20 min at normal room temperature and 2 mm joints. When filling larger joints, the drying time will be longer.
Range: Approx. 1 liter to 10 m2, depending on the size of the joints.
Other info: Fast drying time - Easy sanding - No unpleasant odors - Always the right colour

More info - download pdf:
Bona Mix Fill.pdf