CAMO 4x60mm. Terrace screws Protech -1750 pcs.

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Cannot be used on hardwood and cedar

Model: 345139
Weight: 6,5 kg
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Since the CAMO screw has opposing threads, it automatically pulls the board to the joist. The CAMO screw has a flat tip so the screw does not drill, it instead mills and then there is room for the screw. A torx screw head gives it more contact points and at the same time the best result. At the same time, slippage of the bit and wear in the groove of the screw head are minimised.

The screw's lower thread provides sublime mounting strength in the screed, while the screw's upper, opposite thread, pulls the terrace board firmly to the screed and at the same time provides a clean screw hole with a nice finish. The unique design of the screw head provides the least possible visibility in the screw hole.

Pre-drilling only necessary in hardwood varieties

Screw size: 4.0 x 60 mm
Content per package: 1750 pcs. - Covers 50-55 m2 terrace
Color: Black

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