Forbo Monel care product

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Forbo Monel linoleum care

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Monel for cleaning and maintaining linoleum

The surface of the floor is protected by using the laundry care agent Monel. Monel removes dirt and protects the linoleum surface. Regular use of Monel maintains the linoleum surface while retaining its original appearance.

Daily cleaning of Forbo linoleum

  1. Remove dust with either a vacuum cleaner or a mop.
  2. If necessary, the floor is washed. Use 0.25 dl. Monel for 10 liters of water. If the floor is very dirty, use 0.5 dl. Monel for 10 liters of water.
  3. Wash the floor. If you use a mop, remember to dry afterwards.

Monel is a soap-based laundry care product, suitable for table tops with linoleum tops, which provides a practical protective film and perfect cleaning properties in one product. Forbo Monel is also used for the care and maintenance of linoleum floors.