Sigmatex 5

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Model: 186730
Weight: 15 kg
  • 10 liters
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Sigmatex 5 is the flagship within wall paint and is eco-labelled with the EU flower. Easy to work with due to its good ironing and distribution properties. The coverage and durability are top notch, and finally you achieve a perfect result with a hard-wearing and easy-to-clean surface. In short: All the positive properties that professionals want from a wall paint. Sigmatex 5 can be tinted in all colors in Sigma's extensive color collections.

Sizes: 10 litres.
Colours: White, Fashion white, Light off-white and can be tinted (Choose tone service and write colour/colour code in the field above).

Widely applicable wall and ceiling paint based on plastic dispersion.
Wall paint in absolute top quality
Eco label
Extremely robust and washable
Easy to work with – save working time and labor costs
Excellent coverage
No cracking on sealant

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