BerryAlloc Chateau Herringbone Gyant Light

34.73 per 1m2
€35.42 per pack
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€24.14 per 1m2
€24.62 per pack
Model: 62002716_62002717
Weight: 7,3 kg
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Berry Alloc Chateau - 1st class laminate floor.! This laminate parquet stick can be installed as a classic herringbone parquet or in a checkered pattern!

Total thickness: 8 mm.
Tire size per board: 84 x 504 mm.
Fas: Yes, on all 4 sides
Content per package: 1.02 m²
Laying method: Duoloc
Wear class: 32 - Residential use
Warranty: Lifetime warranty for residential use! 5 year business guarantee!

The floor is delivered in complete packages. Each package contains either right or left rods, it is therefore always necessary to order an even number of packages if you want the same amount of each rod.

Chateau assembly instructions
Maintenance guide/Laminate