Danalim D2 Wood glue - 750 ml.

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750 ml bottle. Used for joints, lamination and edge gluing (wood, laminate, veneer, etc.).

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Wood glue D2 Inde 490 is a fast setting and strong all-round PVAc glue for most indoor wood bonding.
Used for: Joints, lamination and edge gluing (wood, laminate, veneer, etc.).
Wood glue D2 Inde 490 is suitable for both cold and hot press as well as high frequency (HF) gluing. The glue is moisture resistant according to EN 204/205, class D2.
Preparation: The adhesive surfaces must be well adapted, clean and dry, free of oil, grease etc. Best results are achieved on newly processed wood.
Application: Apply the glue to one surface. When gluing hard wood species, it is advantageous to apply glue to both surfaces and increase the waiting time as well as the pressing time.
Wood moisture: Best from approx. 7 - 15%.
Application temperature: Min. 10 °C. The temperature applies to both wood, glue and premises.
Open waiting time: Max. 5 minutes on pine at 20 °C and 50% humidity. When joining, the glue must always give full transfer on the opposite surface. If the waiting time is "closed", it can be increased by approx. 1 - 2 minutes. The waiting time can be extended by double glue application, hard wood, lower temperature and higher air/wood humidity. The waiting time is reduced at higher temperatures and lower air/wood humidity. Press pressure: Approx. 1 - 5 kg/cm². In the event of tension in the wood, higher pressing pressure is required.
Press time: Min. 6 minutes for pine with approx. 9% wood moisture at 20 °C. The pressing time must be increased for hard wood, double glue application, lower temperature and higher wood and air humidity. The press time can be reduced by e.g. preheating the wood or using a hot press. Full strength is achieved after approx. 1 day at 20 °C.
Cleaning: Glue on the skin is removed with soap and water. Tools are cleaned with water while the glue is still wet. Dried glue dissolves with alcohol.

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