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Vespox EP-Klar is a clear two-component epoxy that can be used on new as well as previously treated surfaces. EP-clear acts as a solvent-free primer and intermediate layer for Vespox floor systems. The product can also be advantageously used as a binder for stone floors and works well for agricultural buildings. As Vespox EP-Klar is produced without harmful solvents, it is good for both you and the environment and is largely odorless to use.
Vespox EP-Klar is suitable for pre-treatment of absorbent substrates such as concrete, plaster and brick. Thanks to its good penetration, EP-Klar contributes to strengthening the surface and makes cleaning easier. Vespox EP-Klar is available as 7.5, 15 and 30 kg sets.

1. Make sure to clean your surface of grease, oil residues etc. There must be a maximum of 4% moisture in the substrate, and the temperature in both air and substrate must not be below 10ºC.
2. The two components must be mixed immediately before application and only in the amount that can be used during approx. 45 min.
3. Use a roller or scraper to distribute Vespox EP-Klar according to the instructions below.

Consumption Consumption during priming: Approx. 250g per m².
Consumption at intermediate level: Approx. 400g per m².
Consumption for stone floor: Approx. 1.2 kg per m².
Consumption with epoxy mortar: Approx. 1 part EP-Ready per 3 parts sand.

Product benefits:
• Solvent-free and odorless
• Suitable for new and previously treated surfaces
• Strengthens the surface and makes cleaning easier

Download user manual:
Vesla, EP Clear - Epoxy