Fletco Ermine - Design figure

€117.65 per m2
You save: €69.91 per m2

When you want to buy "Design figure", you must buy in whole square meters. Afterwards, you must note the color number and size in the fields below. You will find the color number under each picture. Next, note what shape your rug should be as well as the sizes in the fields below.

Model: 671000
Availability: In stock with expected delivery in 3-5 day(s)

Construction: Tufting 1/8''
Pile material: PA 6.
Back: Newly developed laminated back with excellent anti-slip properties.
Edges: Complicated edge finishes are not necessary due to the special properties of the backing.
Total weight: Approx. 2,400 g/m2

Instructions on how to order your new carpet.
1. Start by choosing the color of your new carpet.
2. You then click on this link (You will be forwarded to Fletco's website) , and here you click on the shape your carpet should be in.
3. When you have clicked on the figure's link - enter your measurements and calculate the area of the carpet.
4. Then you go back and enter the figure number and your measurements in the boxes above, and enter the whole number of square meters (and you must round up to the nearest whole square meter).
5. You must now enter your information and your carpet will be produced for you.

If you need help calculating how many m2 you need to order, in order for the carpet to have the dimensions you want, you can use the calculation program that is linked to on the item. Otherwise press here or call us on Tel.: 44 92 60 60 if you are in doubt.