Floorcoat Natural Soap


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natural Soap

Made from the best raw materials and therefore very in use. The content of wax and resin makes the soap very suitable for polishing. Comes in 2.5 and 5 lt

FloorCoat Natural Soap is specially developed for finishing and
maintenance of all indoor, lye-treated and untreated wood floors,
where a bright, golden appearance is desired.

Work Description:
1. The floors must be cleaned and possibly. intermediate slip before treatment.

2. Basic treatment: Shake the canister before use. The floor is washed 2-3 times in
the soap mixture in 1 l of natural soap to 4-6 l of lukewarm water. Use a floor cloth or
a wrung mop and always wash in the longitudinal direction of the wood.

3. When the floor is completely dry, it may be possible. polishing the floor give a silky

Daily maintenance is just vacuuming. When the floor begins to
get dirty, wash it in the soap mixture 5 l water for approx. 1-2 dl soap.
If you want a more whitish look, FloorCoat White soap is recommended.