BerryAlloc Grand Avenue - Ventura Boulevard

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Model: 62002605
Weight: 23 kg
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Grand Avenue hich-tech laminate, are extra long and extra wide planks that lift your decor to new heights of elegance and beauty. A floor with a distinctive character reminiscent of a traditional and natural plank floor.

Grand Avenue range, gets its strong durability from its 0.6mm thick high pressure surface. It is twice as thick as traditional laminate floors. This means that all our high-tech laminate floors have exceptional wear resistance, so they can effortlessly last over time. Classified as the strongest laminate flooring on the market, they are ideal for private use and commercial projects.

BerryAlloc's Grand Avenue hich-tech laminate is made with our extra strong AluLoc locking system, which makes it 30% faster to lay. You can lay up to 100 m², or up to 10 mi in length, without having to use transition strips. These unique qualities, together with a wide selection of colors in a variety of different surfaces, make BerryAlloc high-tech laminate the floor of choice worldwide.

Class: 34 - AC6
Warranty: Lifetime warranty for homes.
Surface: High pressure surface, suitable for heavy traffic
Fas: Yes, on all 4 sides
AquaResist: Retains water spills on the surface
Locking system: Unique AluLoc
Locking strength: 1200 kg/lm (far above average locking system)
Underlay: Mounted on the back - Alloc Silent System
Warranty: Lifetime for residential use and 10 years for business

Technical information
Dimensions: 2410 L x 241 W x 12.3 mm
Content per package: 2.32 m² - 4 planks
Static resistance: Antistatic

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