Haro Sealant

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Model/item no.: 411154 Variant: White - SOLD OUT FOR WEEK 22
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Model: 411154
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Permanently elastic, hard 1-component acrylic-based sealant. Silicone-, solvent- and odor-free, quickly ready for sanding and suitable for varnishing. Due to the high adhesiveness, also very useful as glue. The product cannot withstand frost and must not be stored below 5°C!

Contents: 310 ml.

Definition of the colors
White woods: Ash sand grey, Crystal white, Invisible, Cream white, Sand white, Light white, African oak light pure white
Light woods: European Maple, African Oak light invisible, Larch, Larch Puro white, Canadian Maple
Natural colored woods: Cherry, Beech steamed, Smoked oak, African oak light, Oak, Oak Atelier
Gray woods: Oak reed brown, Tobacco grey, conch grey, Larch tobacco grey
Dark/brown woods: Thermoeg Forte, African oak, Walnut, Wenge, Bernstein robinie

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