Silent Double Fix

14.69 per 1m2
€110.11 per roll
Model: 410376
Weight: 12 kg
Availability: In stock with expected delivery in 3-7 day(s)

First-class sound dampening underlay with decoupling function, consisting of mineral fillers. Thanks to full gluing on both sides under parquet, Silent Double Fix achieves the best possible footfall sound values (+6 db compared to direct gluing on a cast floor without Silent Double Fix). Also suitable for floating laying and laying on top of underfloor heating.

The underlay can only be used for 3 layers of parquet, not 2 layers!

Content per package: 7.5 m2
Format (roll): 7.89x0.95 m
1.3 mm
Weight: 12.0 kg.
Compressive strength:
2.4 kg/m²
Heat conduction resistance: 0.010 m² K/W

Specially developed for full gluing on both sides.
First-class sound dampening underlay for anyone who makes high demands on reverberation and step noise. The high elasticity is gentle on the joints and spine when walking on the floor.