Silent Pro floor underlay without vapor barrier

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6.56 per 1m2
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Model: 411489
Weight: 14 kg
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Silent Pro on a PUR basis with mineral fillers ensures the best noise properties. Both reverberation and footsteps in adjacent rooms are significantly reduced. The high elasticity is similar to walking on a forest floor, which relieves both joints and spine. Also suitable for laying on top of underfloor heating.

Content per roll: 5.5 m²
Roll size:
5.5 x 1.0 m
3 mm
Weight: 14
Heat conduction resistance: 0.010 m² K/W

Super acoustics and walking comfort.
First-class sound dampening underlay for anyone who makes high demands on reverberation and step noise. The high elasticity is gentle on the joints and spine when walking on the floor.