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We can make all plates to measure, contact us for prices for special tasks and sizes!

Prices are incl. 2 mm. underglued leading edge (on 1 side) in wood. If you want leading edges on several sides, you can order the number of centimeters to be used for the plate here: Buy extra leading edge here

Material description:
Linoleum is a natural product with a soft surface. Linoleum is made up of 3 layers: Impregnated felt cardboard, linoleum granules and a layer of varnish. The surface of the material is treated with a cross-linked, matte PU acrylic varnish that preserves linoleum's special radiance and prevents light reflections. Linoleum is biodegradable and does not harm the environment when disposed of later.

Daily cleaning is easily done with a clean cloth, wrung out in lukewarm water. Be aware that linoleum is an organic material. We therefore do not recommend the use of linoleum in areas heavily exposed to water and strong chemical substances - including alkaline cleaning agents, which degrade linoleum.

Linoleum care is recommended for regular maintenance and care of the organic surface. Linoleum care is a soap-based washing and care product that provides a practical protective layer and effective cleaning.

Stain removal:
It is recommended that on linoleum surfaces, coasters are always used under flower pots, vases as well as saucers, glasses and the like. If stains do occur, it is important to remove these as soon as possible to prevent it penetrating into the material. If the above treatment does not help, stains can be tried to be removed by soaking the surface in water with linoleum care for approx. 5 minutes Then scrub carefully with a soft, non-abrasive sponge, cloth or similar. Finish by wiping up the dirty water with a cloth.

Scratch resistance:
Be careful with the material if it is used for work in the kitchen – Larger scratches are permanent and will be visible. Never use sharp objects directly against the linoleum surface, but always use a cutting board. Linoleum care can in certain cases be used to minimize minor scratches in the surface.
Instructions for use: 1. Spray a good layer of linoleum care on the surface 2. Leave it for 5-10 min. to let the linoleum surface soak up the care. 3. Massage the care into the surface with a soft cloth until the surface is dry.

Always use coasters. Linoleum is not heat resistant. Heating household appliances with strong heat and/or moisture release can damage the linoleum surface and should be placed on a protective surface. Gas burners must not be used in linoleum worktops.

• Max. length of linoleum sheets 4090 mm. (NOTE: 20 mm. plates over 4090 mm. are not supplied with a hob cutout from the factory due to the risk of shipping damage). Ask for options and prices for plates up to 4400.
• Max. depth of linoleum sheets 1280 mm.
• Mine. 60 mm. from the end edge to the sink/hob cutout applicable from the underside of the plate.
• Mine. 200 mm. from sink/hob cutout to assembly.
• Mine. radius v/2 mm. wooden edges R80 mm.
• Max. 100 mm. overhang w/20 mm. thickness.
• Max. 200 mm. overhang w/30 mm. thickness.
• Max. 200 mm. overhang w/40 mm. thickness.

• Length +/- 2 mm.
• Depth +/- 2 mm.
• Thickness +/- 1 mm.
• Flange level difference can occur when gluing sinks flat (-2 mm.)
• Placement of sink in cut-out +/- 1.5 mm.
• Placement of flat-glued hob +/- 1.5 mm. Surface quality is processed based on EN-438-2 (specification of surface tolerances) adapted to Desk Top linoleum. Can be requested.

Approx. 11 kg/lbm in depth 600 mm. at 30 mm. thickness.

The Vaske i Horn countertops program is flat-glued in linoleum. Note : Sinks are not 100% flat, so there may be unevenness in the flange of the sink. Tap holes drilled directly into the slab are not recommended, as the core is moisture absorbent. If the surface is broken, it must be sealed with silicone.

Generel information:
• Apply linoleum care at regular intervals. We recommend Forbo Monel.
• Shade differences may occur with attached wooden front edges.
• The right of complaint follows the Sales Act, and includes everything that can be related to the production of the table top.
• All plates must be carefully checked before assembly/commissioning, and damage discovered after assembly/commissioning is attributable to assembly damage and is not eligible for complaint.
• Any damage or scratches that are found after installation are attributed to assembly damage. These are not covered by our product warranty.