Moso Bamboo Supreme - High Density Natural, base oiled

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Model: BF-DT403
Weight: 17 kg
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MOSO® Bamboo Supreme consists of a top layer of hard bamboo of approx. 4 mm. combined with a back in cross-glued bamboo. The High Density version is distinguished by its extremely hard surface.

Moso Supreme bamboo flooring
MOSO® Bamboo Supreme contains a large selection of bamboo patterns and colors. The boards are easy to handle and consist of two layers of bamboo: a 4 mm top layer on a base made of cross-glued bamboo pieces. The thick top layer ensures a long service life. With a total thickness of 10 mm, the plank is relatively thin compared to other wooden floors. This is an advantage in renovation projects when the new floor is to be installed on top of existing flooring. Thin material provides better heat transfer than thicker boards and this makes Bamboo Supreme suitable for installation on underfloor heating. MOSO® Bamboo Supreme is the right bamboo floor when there are high demands on durability, stability and wear resistance. In addition, the bamboo floor is also CO2 neutral.

Plank size: 96x920 mm.
Plank thickness: 10 mm.
Content per package: 2,120 m2 - 24 planks
Wear layer thickness: approx. 4 mm.
Surface: Primed with Trip Trap oil. Must be fully oiled after assembly.
Bevel: Micro bevel on 4 sides, the bevel beautifully highlights the individual plank. The phase is approx. 0.1 mm.
Construction: Bamboo supreme consists of a top layer of hard bamboo combined with a back in cross-glued bamboo.
Mounting: Groove/groove. The floor must be fully glued to a solid subfloor with parquet glue.
Warranty: 30-year housing warranty.
Hardness, Brinell value: Approx. 9.5 - by comparison, oak is typically 3.4

Remember to buy parquet glue for installing the floor. You can find the glue here: Danalim parquet glue