Oak Cantana Pontos - Light beige

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Cantana Pontos is the optimal choice if you want an affordable, quality carpet for your rooms. The collection's 6 beige and gray colors have been developed to complete the style of the simple, Scandinavian home, where the carpet contributes to softening the hard shapes and materials of the minimalist architecture. In addition, Pontos also acts as an acoustic aid, as the construction dampens sound effectively. The practical color choice, in combination with the collection's easy-to-clean properties, will ensure that your floor looks nice and inviting for many years.

Structure: Tufted loop arrows
Pile material: 100% polypropylene
Dyeing method: Pre-dyed yarn
Back: High foam
Total height: Approx. 10 mm.
Total weight: Approx. 2,600 g/m²
Fleece insert weight: 750 g/m²
Areas of use: 22 - Residential - Moderate use
Warranty: 10-year warranty against stains, fading and wear
Antistatic properties: Permanently antistatic

We recommend that you always only order from one roll width. If you order from different, color differences may occur, as you will receive from different productions.