Marathon Super X - for vinyl

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Marathon Super® 6 mm base plates

Use under: Vinyl, laminate, parquet, carpets
Dimension: 560 x 790 x 6 mm
Content per package: 5.31 m2
Sales unit: Packages/m2

Marathon Super® is an underlay specially designed for use under loosely laid vinyl.
Marathon Super® is composed of a 2 mm masonite board glued together with a 4 mm
insulation board. The plate can compensate for unevenness in the subfloor of up to 2 mm and increases the floor's strength
The hard top plate counteracts pressure marks in the vinyl from furniture (chairs) and other objects.
Marathon Super® is made from the highest quality of 100% natural wood residues and is therefore
environmentally friendly and 100% compostable.
Marathon Super® has been extensively tested by independent, internationally recognized institutes
and meets the requirements of the Building Regulations. Marathon Super® reduces walking noise and more
than 21dB in accordance with the European standard EN-ISO 717-2.
Marathon Super® is therefore very suitable for installation in buildings with apartments,
where there is a need for additional step sound attenuation.
A quick and simple floating assembly makes the Marathon Super® extremely user-friendly.
Marathon Super® also provides good insulation which ensures a comfortable floor temperature.
• Designed for use under cushion vinyl (with foam backing)
• Resistant to pressure marks
• Gives an even floor
• Footstep sound dampening
• Great improvement in walking comfort on vinyl
• Easy to lay out
• Good insulation
• 100% natural product

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