22 mm. Novopan climate floor chipboard for 16 mm. tube

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Novopan Klimagulv is a 22 mm floor chipboard with milled grooves for laying aluminum heat distribution plates and heating hoses. Klimagulv is a thorough and complete solution for installing water-based underfloor heating. Novopan Klimagulv is suitable for both renovation and cleaning. Novopan Klimagulv is delivered in easy-to-handle formats and has an effective tongue/groove system on all 4 edges, which makes it easy to carry out correct gluing. Climate floor can be laid on joists or floating, which forms a solid, strong base for most floor coverings such as e.g. parquet floors, linoleum, carpet etc.

Our floor chipboard is designed for 16 mm. underfloor heating pipes and 16 mm. heat distribution plates.
The floor chipboards have an effective laying dimension of 1820x620x22 mm. - 1 plate covers an area of 1,128 m2
Remember to buy aluminum heat distribution plates and hoses.

Remember to read the installation instructions before installation. Here you will also find information on the consumption of hose plates etc. See the instructions here.

Read here how to mill turning tracks yourself.


  • Lay empty pipe ø 25 mm between 1st and 2nd floor - to - or outlet for heating hoses

  • Remember to insulate empty pipes

  • Heating hose - 16 mm with internal oxygen barrier

  • NOVOPAN recommends "soft" 5-layer PEX-A or PE-RT hoses in 16 mm for Klimagulv. If Alu-pex is chosen, attention must be paid to very careful hose assembly, as the rigid Alupex can deform the Ohm shape of the heat distribution plates, which can cause a risk of creaking noises

  • The choice of heat distribution plate is coordinated with the chosen pipe dimension

  • All heating systems must be shunt-controlled so that the surface temperature of the floor does not exceed 27° C

  • The shunt control also applies during the construction period, and if drying out building moisture

  • The underfloor heating is connected and must be in operation for 1-2 weeks, so supplied construction moisture is gone before installation of finished floor

  • In cases where massive beams/joists are used and the moisture content exceeds 11% in joists and 13% in the joists, the floor chipboards should be glued to the joists.

  • Moisture content in joists - approx. 8% ± 2

  • Check that the construction is protected against rising moisture

  • Remember the correct location of any moisture barrier

  • Use plenty of glue - approx. 3/4 l per 25 lbs.

  • Carefully wipe the traces of glue

  • All screws used must be partially threaded

  • Dimension of tracks: Width 19 mm, depth 18.2 mm

  • Consumption of aluminum heat distribution plates 3.7 pcs. per m2 approx. 70-80% of the floor area must be covered

  • Heating hose consumption - 5.4 lbm. per m2

  • Zone size 15-16 m2

  • Do not use the floor for work - no traffic on the floor during execution

  • Cover the floor with PE foil if the floor covering is not to be installed immediately

  • Never skip screw holes

  • Boards, lamellar parquet and parquet sticks must not be attempted to be attached to chipboard with staples or gun nails

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