30 mm. Jackopor EPS Floor heating plate for 16/20 mm. snake

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The plate we supply is a combi plate which can be used for both 16 & 20 mm. floor heating hose.

Model: GJP250030
Weight: 1 kg
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Jackon Jackopor 250 floor heating plate. 16/20 mm. snake

Dimension: 30x600x1160 mm.
Consumption: 1.43 plate per m2

A warm and comfortable floor provides good comfort and a better indoor climate. Many older buildings have too little floor insulation in relation to the demands made today. Post-insulation of floors is often a good investment and is done easily, quickly and efficiently with Jackon underfloor heating panels for waterborne heat.
Jackon underfloor heating is built up from an insulation board in Jackopor 250 (EPS)
The Jackon underfloor heating plate functions as both a track and a turning plate. Therefore, only 1 plate must be used for the entire floor. This makes installation incredibly easy. Remember to also buy Aluminum heat distribution plates, you can find them here.

Product features:
- Insulating
- Pressure resistant
- Insulation of the floor using water-borne heat

Read more information and installation instructions here: Jackon-Gulvvarme.pdf


Store the heat source in the floor with Jackon's quick-regulating floor heating plate

Forget about bulky radiators and thermal inertia. With Jackon's 2-in-1 underfloor heating plate for water-borne heat, immediate and comfortable underfloor heating is achieved throughout the building.

In Denmark, we spend 80-90% of our time indoors. A well-regulated indoor climate is therefore of great importance for our comfort, concentration and energy level in everyday life. In meeting and office spaces there are changing needs during a working day, and in the home the sun can warm through the windows one day and be gone the next. This places great demands on the efficiency of heat regulation in buildings.

With Jackon's 2-in-1 underfloor heating plate, you achieve quick-regulating and comfortable underfloor heating, as the underfloor heating plates are installed just under the upper floor. At the same time, you hide the heat source, so you avoid visible clumsy heating installations in the interior.

Flexible design makes installation easy

Jackon's 2-in-1 floor heating plate is designed with space for heating hoses in both Ø16 and Ø20 mm. Heat distribution plates and heating hoses lie in the plate's groove and do not need to be further attached. This ensures simple and quick installation. The floor heating plate is produced in EPS and is available in 30 mm. thickness as standard. The plate is well suited for floating floors and with a compressive strength of 250 kN/m 2 , the underfloor heating plate can be used under virtually all types of upper floor. At the same time, the plate is light in weight and easy to adapt.

Jackon floor heating plate can be used again

It is not only the installation of the Jackon underfloor heating that is easy. The plate also has the advantage that it can be easily accessed if, contrary to expectations, mistakes should occur during assembly. If you discover a leak in the heating hose, the subfloor can be gently removed in the area in question, and the damage can be repaired locally. In this way, you avoid breaking up and dismantling the entire floor structure.

The same applies when the building must one day be renovated or demolished. Here, the plates can be easily removed and reused as a water-borne heat source in a new context. Alternatively, the sheets can be handed in at collection points for recycling, where the EPS is granulated, remelted and used in the production of new plastic products.

Save on the heating bill

For many years, EPS has been the preferred insulation material in all-terrain tires. By building an EPS floor heating plate into the floor construction, you get a little extra insulation for the money. At the same time, the slab's insulating properties contribute to the heat rising up into the subfloor, and thus not being led down and wasted in the ground.