Primo sand strip 10x16 mm.

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Model: 5001-0001-45
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The sand molding can be used alone, in combination with PRIMO skirting boards or existing wooden skirting boards, as well as at plinths, tabletops and the like.
The plastic material used is extremely robust and unaffected by moisture, and requires only a minimum of maintenance to keep looking good for years.
The sand strip can be nailed, glued, shot, clamped or screwed. Profiles can also be mounted with an alcohol-based silicone or assembly glue.
Fasten every 30-50 cm depending on the substrate. Does not split during installation
For cleaning and maintenance, a common cleaning agent such as Ajax, Vanish, scouring powder, alcohol, acetic acid or chlorine is used.
Solvents such as acetone, thinner or butyl acetate must not be used.
Under no circumstances should it be cleaned with a scouring pad.

Supplied in lengths of 3100 mm

Download: Installation and maintenance instructions