Primo self-adhesive baseboard FL 60 thin

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COLORS: White, gray and black.



PRIMO's soft skirting boards are primarily used in places that are extra exposed in daily use. The skirting boards are a particularly good choice for fitting out or renovating institutions, hospitals, convenience stores as well as industrial construction etc.

PRIMO's soft skirting boards are made from a plastic material that is robust and durable, as it is unaffected by moisture and daily cleaning, which is a must in locations with high requirements for hygiene.

In addition to PRIMO's soft skirting boards, PRIMO's range also includes soft angles or angle strips. They are used on corners exposed to impacts, transitions between different floor covering types, as a finish in wet rooms or on stairs.


The baseboards are self-adhesive and in a soft material that is easy to work with.

Assembly instructions: Montage_blode_lister_DK.pdf