Style Emme xf² Jade

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Model: 14235-797
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The color scale includes both warm and cold greys, beige/brown and black, as well as strong accent colors in e.g. pink red, yellow and green. The floor has low maintenance costs thanks to the durable xf² surface, which should not be treated with wax or polish.

Thickness: 2.5 mm.
Roll width: 200 cm.

Product type: Linoleum with and without pattern
Use class for residential environment: 23 High
Classification - Use class: 34 Very high
Use class for industrial environment: 43 High
Quality & environmental certifications: ISO 14001
NCS number: S 5020-G

Climate neutral A1-A3
Re-usable in our own facility
Ecolabelled with the Swan label
Soft marbled pattern
Surface reinforced with Xf²™
Simple care - without the use of wax or polish
Ecolabelled with Cradle to Cradle Silver