Egalsoft® Carpet underlay

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• Egalsoft can be used for both single and double bonding.
• Egalsoft® is suitable for both contract and private use.
• Egalsoft® can be laid on all types of subfloor without causing any damage to the subfloor.
• Assembly only requires tools in the form of a hobby knife, scissors and possibly glue putty.

Egalsoft® is a self-adhesive felt substrate that increases the durability and comfort of e.g. carpets. Egalsoft is easy to install and does not damage the subfloor. Egalsoft has self-adhesive backing, which reduces costs and time for glue and installation. The top layer of Egalsoft® consists of an impregnated felt layer, which is suitable for gluing. The bottom layer of Egalsoft consists of impregnated needle felt which is self-adhesive.

Thickness: 6 mm.
Roll width: 137 cm. - maximum roll length is 22 metres. Must be ordered in meters!