No Noise, Extreme Compact without vapor barrier 2 mm

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Model: 1130113
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Sound-absorbing floor underlay, reduces impact sound (the sound that comes from the room/floor above you) and footfall noise in the room (the sound that comes when you walk on the floor). Easy to install, as you simply roll out the substrate as it is on the roll. Suitable for underfloor heating. Available with and without vapor barrier.
REMEMBER: Aluminum tape must be used for long sides and end joints.

Dimension: 2x1000x8000 mm.
Content per roll:
8 m²
Bearing capacity:
20 tons/m²
Compensation of unevenness:
Up to 1.2 mm.
Suitable for underfloor heating:
Sound insulation/sound penetration:
Up to 18 dB
Footstep sound reduction/reverberation:
Up to 26%
Fire class: Elf - according to DIN EN 13501-1

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