No Noise Extreme without vapor barrier

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Fantastic PUR flooring with the best noise reduction properties. The back is with felt so that it is better attached to the subfloor during installation.

Model: 1130101
Weight: 15,5 kg
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Capacity 15 ton / m2

This is important for a click floor and especially a floor to be glued to ensure the stability of the joints. In the case of softer substrate types, the joints risk being damaged, as the movements in the subfloor are greater.

Equalization of unevenness of up to 2.3 mm.

Bumps in the subfloor, paint residues, pebbles or the like. absorbed in the substrate. So perfect for renovation as well as new construction.

Suitable for underfloor heating

The substrate is suitable for hot water floor heating.

Sound Properties

Sound insulation / penetration sound of up to 19 dB. Step sound attenuation / Reverb is attenuated up to 30%.

Thickness 2.8 mm
Format 5.5 x 1.0 meters
M² per roll 5.5
Rolls per low 40
M² per low 220
Capacity 15 tons / m²
Equalization of irregularities Up to 2.3 mm
Suitable for underfloor heating Yes
Soundproofing / Gennemslagslyd Up to 19 dB
Impact sound / Reverb Up to 30%