Quiet Please without vapor barrier

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Model: 1130190
Weight: 15,5 kg
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Quiet Please is an incredibly sound-absorbing underlay that meets the requirements for optimal comfort under all floating hard floors. Reduces through noise by up to 29%. The substrate is also suitable for underfloor heating. Absorbs unevenness (paint residue, pebbles, etc.) in the subfloor of up to 1.25 mm.

Thickness: 3.0 mm.
5.5 x 1.0 metres.
Per roll: 5.5 m²
Bearing capacity:
15 tons/m²
Compensation of unevenness:
1.25 mm
Suitable for underfloor heating:
Sound insulation/Through sound:
Up to 19 dB
Footstep sound reduction / Reverberation:
Up to 29%