Vapor barrier tape YELLOW-LINER

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YELLOW-LINER – firm vapor barrier tape with great adhesive effect

Roll content: 25 metres
Width: 50 mm.

YELLOW-LINER is a solid paper-based tape. The vapor barrier tape has been specially developed for adhesion to PE foil and has an extremely high adhesive capacity. After setting up, further adhesion to the substrate takes place. The tape is water-repellent and has a high diffusion density. Assuming correct installation, YELLOW-LINER has a documented service life of min. 20 years.

YELLOW-LINER is particularly suitable for setting up vapor barrier foil, where a secure solution is needed for longitudinal and transverse joints. We recommend an overlap of at least 150mm.
The tape can be easily removed without the use of tools. The assembly must take place at temp. from -10°C to 40°C and the surface must be clean and dry. Temperature resistance: -40°C to 100°C
It is the user's own responsibility to ensure that the product is usable in relation to the material on which it is to be used.