Terrace boards in oak 30x145 mm.

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Model: 722563
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Wood is a natural material and it cannot therefore be expected that the colors will be the same for all the delivered planks. The wood can vary in colour, unfortunately it is not possible to show the color play exactly on either pictures or smaller samples as the planks are never the same.

As the quality of the wood is always slightly fluctuating, you must always count on approx. 5-7% extra for cutting waste if there are any places where something needs to be cut.

There may be "streak marks" from storage. These marks disappear over time if the terrace is not treated. If the terrace is to be oiled, we recommend that the terrace be lightly sanded before treatment and any power marks will also disappear.

Terrace boards in oak wood have a nice golden colour, if the boards are not oiled they will turn silver gray over time. The quality is rustic with many knobs.

Smooth front / smooth back
Chamfered edges on long sides

Consumption: Approx. 6.7 meters per m2
Dimension: 30x145 mm. The boards can vary +/- 5 mm. in width
Length: The boards are supplied in decreasing lengths from 150-300 cm. i.e. different lengths with an average of approx. 221 cm. The boards cannot be sold in fixed lengths. Unfortunately, we do not have an estimate of lengths as it changes all the time.

The planks can be used untreated or surface treated with oil after assembly. We recommend a light sanding after assembly and then oiling the boards with Terrace oil . Oiling the boards extends the lifespan, the wood retains its warm color and at the same time it reduces the formation of cracks in the wood.

The planks must be attached to the substructure with stainless outdoor screws. Buy here.