KT Advanced, Oak Summer, Plank - PROMOTION

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Model: 1123127
Weight: 14,6 kg
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We have a multitude of laminate floors, of the highest quality, i.e. it looks like a wooden floor, but is laminate. It's hard to tell the difference. Laminate floors are incredibly easy to maintain, requiring only regular cleaning. They never need to be sanded or lacquered, and also have significantly better lightfastness and retain their color longer than a wooden floor. Many of our floors have a natural finish
attack, so that it looks like a wooden floor in the most beautiful way. Laminate floors are also incredibly durable (available with different wear resistances), and are a good alternative for companies and businesses that want a floor with the appearance of a wooden floor.

Size: 8 x 193 x 1380 mm
Fas: Yes, on all 4 sides
Abrasion: Normal. 32 - AC4
Content per parcel: 2,131 m²
Warranty: 25 years
Installation: Click system, easy to install
Variant No. 3902