Uzin Sigan 2 adhesive foil 75 cm. x 75 meters

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Model: 37128
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For quick gluing of new coatings on existing elastic coatings

Patented, microperforated foil with double-sided adhesive layer. For laying textiles and elastic floor coverings on existing elastic coverings, which can later be removed without residue from the substrate with a guarantee.

• For gluing new elastic coverings and carpets

• On existing elastic coatings

Field of application:

  • For gluing carpets and vinyl coverings
  • Guaranteed residue-free removable
  • No area restrictions
  • Detergent resistant
  • Suitable for floors with built-in heating
  • Suitable for loads from office chairs, trucks and lift trucks
  • For indoor use


  • Fast, odorless and simple processing
  • Microperforation and air channels ensure easy laying without air bubbles
  • The coating is immediately ready for loading
  • Immediately ready for welding and joint work
  • Can be processed without any harm to the environment
  • EMICODE EC 1 PLUS (very low emission)