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Interface TacTiles

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Tactile ™ is a completely new way to install interface carpet tiles without the need for glue. If you've ever wanted a more innovative, sustainable, flexible and cleaner way of mounting floors, tactile ™ is what you've been waiting for.

Tactile ™ are small, clear plastic pieces that are self-adhesive, which you place under carpet tiles to lock them together. This patented system creates a "floating" floor layer - so the floor is tightly but not permanently attached. Tactile ™ comes in small boxes that are easy to carry, transport and recycle.

Compared to traditional carpet tile adhesives, Tactile ™ reduces the impact on the environment drastically and eliminates volatile organic compounds and unpleasant odors. This is an important contribution to improving indoor air quality, and implies that glue-free installation of carpet tiles can be performed while people are working without disturbing the usual business staff.

Tactile ™ is quick to install Because there is no waiting time and unlike glue, you do not need time for drying time. So, once the carpet tile is laid, the floor is ready for use. And when the time comes to replace or move the carpet it is very easy to dismantle.

Content per box: 500 pcs. or sheets with 6 pcs. per. sheet.

Consumption per m2: 5 pcs.