Parador vinyl Basic 30 - Oak pastel gray wood structure, Plank

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Model: 1513441
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The attractive and timeless vinyl floors for price-conscious buyers – made of solid material or with HDF carrier board – impress with their finish, versatility and load-bearing capacity. Vinyl Basic is the entry-level product in the Parador vinyl collection.

Format: 1207x216 mm.
Thickness: 9.4 mm. - Of this, 1.8 mm. vinyl layer incl. wear layer. The wear layer has a thickness of 0.3 mm.
Back: Cork - so you don't have to buy an underlay for the floor.
Content per parcel: 1,825 m² - 7 planks
Chamfer/joint: Without chamfer. That is the planks lie close together with no visible gaps, this gives a uniform overall impression.
Warranty/quality: 10-year warranty for residential use.
Use class: 23/31
Installation: Safe-Lock PRO click system, for easy, safe and accurate installation.
Edge protection: Complete edge impregnation for protection against curvature due to moisture.
Underfloor heating: Suitable for installation on underfloor heating.

Protection against edge swelling
Swelling-protected carrier plates and edge impregnation all around ensure excellent edge swelling protection.

Underfloor heating system
Parador vinyl floors can be combined without risk with hot water floor heating systems, thereby minimizing heating costs.

A special surface treatment keeps dirt and bacteria away and increases hygiene and health in the home.

Safe Lock®
The patented click mechanism with Safe-Lock® profile allows the planks to click easily, so they can be assembled quickly and easily.

Impact sound insulation
Thanks to a cork layer, the excellent sound insulation effect of vinyl floors is further strengthened.