Parador vinyl Trendtime 6.0 - Oak Royal white limed brushed structure, Long plank

41.55 per 1m2
€98.71 per pack
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€29.58 per 1m2
€70.28 per pack
Model: 1744636
Weight: 23,45 kg
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With Vinyl Trendtime both traditional and modern interior design ideas are realised. Stone decors with a distinctive tile look or wood decors in castle plank format – with the Trendtime collection, real home dreams can come true even in rooms that are exposed to heavy traffic.

Format: 2200x216 mm.
Thickness: 9.6 mm. - Of which 2.0 mm. vinyl layer incl. wear layer. The wear layer has a thickness of 0.55 mm.
Back: Cork - so you don't have to buy an underlay for the floor.
Content per parcel: 2,376 m² - 5 planks
Bevel/joint: All Parador Trendtime vinyl floors have slightly beveled edges, so that a very harmonious plank transition occurs.
Warranty/quality: Lifetime warranty for residential use. 20-year warranty for commercial use.
Usage class: 23/33
Installation: Safe-Lock PRO click system, for easy, safe and accurate installation.
Edge protection: Complete edge impregnation for protection against curvature due to moisture.
Underfloor heating: Suitable for installation on underfloor heating.

Protection against edge swelling
Swelling-protected carrier plates and edge impregnation all around ensure excellent edge swelling protection.

Underfloor heating system
Parador vinyl floors can be safely combined with hot water underfloor heating.

A special surface treatment keeps dirt and bacteria away and increases hygiene and health in the home.

Safe Lock®
The patented click mechanism with Safe-Lock® profile allows the planks to click easily, so they can be assembled quickly and easily.

Impact sound insulation
Thanks to a cork layer, the excellent sound insulation effect of vinyl floors is further strengthened.