Sigma Contour Aqua-PU Primer

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Grounds for pre- and flour treatment with good bulk and adhesion.

  • Long opening time so you can easily repair during application
  • Easy application thanks to a rich consistency
  • Very good confluence
  • Good fullness and attachment
  • Perfect for indoor woodwork such as furniture, panels, doors etc.
  • Available as part of a complete system with 4 degrees of gloss and a primer
Model: 353867
Weight: 3,75

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Stone hard and scratch resistant - with LTA + technology.

Contour Aqua-PU for indoor woodwork is an improvement you can feel. Our unique and powerful LTA + technology works like a shield. The shield protects the surface from scratches, dirt, dirt and greasy fingers, which can otherwise break down the paint film to make it sticky and dirty.


At the same time, we make it easier for you to achieve a top-notch result. Contour has a thick and comfortable filling that makes it easy to work with. The opening time is extended so you can go back and repair during application. And the final confluence helps you achieve a perfect result.

Sizes: 2.5 liters.

Colors: White and can be toned (Select tone service and type color / color code in the box below)


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