Novopan Spaandex K-Floor chipboard 38 mm.

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Model: 3840-2312139
Weight: 24 kg
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Spaandex K-floor 38 mm. is our new product, used when the support is placed with more than 600 mm. This is often seen in many renovation tasks such as older apartment buildings or in mason villas. Here there is typically an existing support consisting of beams with a greater distance than the 600 mm. Our 38 mm floor chipboard can be used precisely under these conditions and is approved as a load-bearing subfloor on a support with a center distance of up to 1,000 mm.

Due to the weight, they are smaller than traditional boards and have a cover size of 1800 x 480 mm. Spaandex K-floor 38 mm must be like 22 mm. the subfloor is mounted with screws and is also glued into the groove/groove and to the support.

Plate dimensions: 50x182 cm.
Thickness: 38 mm.

Installation instructions: 38mm-Spaandex K-gulv_DK_Kronospan_juli22_PRINT.pdf

• Floor slab type is selected according to application class
• The plates are acclimatized for approx. 1 week in the room where they are to be used
• Moisture content in joists max. 13 ± 2%
• Always fasten with chipboard screws with partial thread
• Correct placement of the moisture barrier to secure the construction against rising moisture
• No moisture barrier on organic materials
• Plenty of glue – approx. 1 liter of glue per 25 running meters of sheet assembly
• Screw holes must NOT be puttyed
• Lay out a layer of floorboard under the floating floor
• The floor should be covered with PE foil until installation of the floor covering
• Load-bearing partitions must not be mounted on the floor
• All plate joints are sanded
• Edge joists at all free board edges
• Establishment of expansion joint at floor surface > 15 lbm. Disclaimer Products from KRONOSPAN are under continuous development, and the technical specifications are given subject to change. In addition, reference is made to the applicable terms and conditions of sale and delivery. The latest current version is always available at Please check.
• Number of screws/m2 approx. 12 pcs.

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