Dana Lim MS Parquet glue 268

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NOTE - The 3.84 liter variant is delivered as Dana parquet glue 269, which has the same properties as 268.

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Product description & use:
MS Parquetlim 268 is an elastic, phthalate-free and fast-hardening parquet adhesive for gluing stick and mosaic parquet, raised-edge parquet, lamellar parquet, plank floors and brick floors to wood, concrete, steel and aluminum substrates. In contrast to water-based glues, MS Parquetlim 268 can in many cases be used on constructions where the relative moisture content is up to 85% RH (see page 2). The glue does not contain water, isocyanates or solvents, and hardens by a reaction with the humidity of the air.

Physical / chemical data:
5 & 10 liter variant delivered in buckets. The 3.84 liter variant is delivered in bags.
Type: Elastic MS polymer
Colour: Brown
Consistency: Thick liquid, thixotropic
Dry matter content: 100%
Density: Approx. 1.65 kg/litre
Shelf life: Minimum 6 months in unopened packaging when stored in a cool place.

Instructions for use:
The subfloor must be firm, clean, grease-free, permanently dry and level.
Flatness: May deviate no more than 2 mm on a 2.0 meter straight log. If the floor is not sufficiently level, it must be leveled.
Moisture: The moisture in the substrate must normally* max. be 85% RH. For moisture percentages between 65 and 85%, the technical department must be contacted in the following cases: All-terrain tires without a built-in moisture barrier and tires over basements (including crawlspaces), garages, etc. After this, a concrete assessment will determine whether the glue can be used properly. The moisture content must be measured at an air temperature of 17 °C to 25 °C, and otherwise carried out according to GSO Gulvfakta's rules.

Gluing can be done on substrates such as concrete, wood fiber boards, cement putty compounds, steel and aluminium. It is always recommended that a test gluing is carried out.

The wood is acclimatized in the room where it is to be laid, according to the supplier's recommendations. The room must be closed, heated to +17 °C and have a humidity of 35 - 65%. However, the room's future equilibrium humidity and temperature must be achieved. No work may take place in the room with water-based products (e.g. paint, wallpapering, etc.). preparation, please refer to the wood supplier's instructions. With underfloor heating, special precautions must be taken. See the coating supplier's instructions.

Application temperature: 17 °C to 25 °C. The relative humidity in the room must not exceed 65%. The humidity may possibly reduced by air heating and/or ventilation.
Gluing: The glue is applied to the floor with a coarse notched trowel. Assembly is carried out in the wet glue, pressed down firmly and loaded with sandbags, parquet bundles or something else. Glue must not be pressed between sticks/planks/bricks. Do NOT glue in tongue and groove. When installing lamella parquet, plank floors and brick floors, it is particularly important to apply sufficient load. For all installations, it must be checked that there is full contact between glue and wood. With plank floors, it may it may be necessary to discard curved planks that do not achieve full contact. For installation, please also refer to the wood supplier's installation instructions.
Amount of glue: Depends on the product and the moisture content of the construction.

For lamellar, mosaic, rod and high-edge parquet: Use min. 0.5 litres/m2.
For brick and plank floors: Use min. 1.0 litres/m2.
If the glue is used in constructions with more than 65% RH or if it is glued on a concrete floor, a minimum of 1 liter/m2 must always be used.
Please note that there must always be full contamination on the tree.

Installation time: 0 - 20 minutes, at 20 °C and 50% RH.

Finishing: Any surface treatment of the parquet bars must be done no earlier than 48 hours after laying.
Cleaning: Glue on the skin can be removed with alcohol and then washed with soap and water. Tools are cleaned with a cloth while the glue is still wet. Hardened glue is removed mechanically.

Safety sheet

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